Cornerstone is unique amongst its competition in that we self-propagate a majority of our shrub material on our 106  acre farm.  There are three components to in-house propagation of plant material here at Cornerstone: liners, boosting, and establishment.  As we receive top end material, our nursery team takes cuttings.  Cuttings are taken from new, flourishing growth, dipped in a rooting hormone, and placed in our proprietary soil mixture.  The cuttings then become liners and reside in the liner house, receiving constant care, fertilization, mist-irrigation, and chemical treatments.  After 3-4 weeks, plant material dependent, the liners begin to “root-out”.  They are then placed outside in our shade house in order to continue to establish under more natural climatic conditions.  Once the liners have totally rooted out, they are boosted into 1 gallon pots and placed on the mats for full establishment.  Once the liners have fully established into 1 gallon pots, they can either be placed on jobs or boosted into larger pot sizes. 

Additionally, the nursery team is responsible for the propagation and division of ornamental grasses, weed and pest control of all shrubs, and nursery fertilization.  In the past year, Cornerstone’s nursery has produced over 3,500 annuals, 50,000 shrubs, 15,000 grasses, and 10,000 hardwood trees. 

The end-state to Cornerstone’s nursery operations is that we are able to be more competitive with our pricing to end-users, more quickly respond to immediate needs, and better able to control our inventory through accurate forecasting.  Essentially Cornerstone is more efficient in managing our supply chain costs and weathering the storm through market fluctuations because of our unique ability to manage plant material from birth through installation.

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