The Loading and Logistics division is the nerve center of our logistical operations, better named the LZ.  This department is on the tip of the spear of making the whole Cornerstone operation go.  Every day we not only maintain a 106 acre farm, an irrigation system consisting of six wells, and a drainage system consisting of over 1.5 miles of culverts, a wetland, and pond; but we are also responsible for all of the logistics that are involved with receiving and distributing all of the landscape, environmental, hardscape, and irrigation materials onto job sites. 

Last year, the  LZ had over 147,000 shrubs, 6,500 hardwood trees, over 3,000 palms, and over 88,000 bags of pinebark pass through it.  Before any plant or tree goes to a job, our crew is responsible for either pulling it from the nursery or receiving it from a partner grower, holding it on our LZ, and loading it onto our fleet of over 60 commercial vehicles. 

In order to accomplish the loading, delivery, transportation, and installation of your tree and plant material Cornerstone utilizes the most extensive array of equipment in the local industry.  Not unlike our Nursery Operation, Cornerstone’s logistical operation is set apart by our ability to self-perform in every phase of the landscape and irrigation logistical chain.  We haul with everything from F350 goosenecks, to box trucks, to Freightliner cargo trucks.  We have the ability to load and install under any condition with everything from boom trucks, to long-reach auto cranes, to JCB tracks and skid steer bobcats.   So not only are we able to customize your landscape plan, but our fleet and equipment allows us to push out the right equipment for your job to accomplish projects efficiently.  Most importantly though, our fleet is piloted by Class A commercial drivers and crew leaders that have, on average of over 10 years working for Cornerstone.  Our tools and talent are what allow us to self-perform accomplish our volume and our high quality standard and set us apart from the competition.