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The performance of an automatic irrigation system is only as good as the professional who installs it and the materials and methods they use. Cornerstone uses industry leading products which ensure our valued customers a long lasting, efficient operation for many years to come. We have been installing irrigation systems for over 20 years, and our professionals have experience in all aspects of irrigation installation.

Expertise in irrigation planning is critical to the initial design and installation of your system. A solid background in irrigation design and installation helps avoid common problems such as uneven sprinkler coverage, problems with water pressure and proper backflow prevention. The irrigation team at Cornerstone is trained and prepared to provide superior service.

Cornerstone plans and designs irrigation systems for residential, commercial, academic and government projects. Designs include a comprehensive architectural drawing of the irrigation system including sprinklers valves, heads, piping and related equipment, with calculations of supply requirements, watering windows, total water demands, flows, flow losses, zoning, precipitation rates and distribution patterns.

We can also include recommended watering programs and schedules. Each design is drawn to scale and includes all property fixtures such as buildings, trees, and terraces.

Additional design documents will provide specifications for all specific equipment and will be modified for the local needs, requirements or obstacles and problems unique to a particular site.

Practical Applications
Cornerstone’s experience with sprinkler equipment and its performance allows us to offer you accurate field analysis and recommendations of that sprinkler equipment. This valuable knowledge is only available through years in the field. We have experience with most type of nozzles, mechanical heads, drip systems, stream rotors (or rotators) and their feasibility for certain applications. We also have experience with the equipment after it has been in the ground for several years.

Cornerstone can provide consultation to assist an architect with specific questions or issues on any irrigation application even if we didn’t design it. This would include consultation on new designs prepared other contractors and architects and consultations on re-design work of an existing irrigation system undergoing modifications or expansion.

Installation and Service
Cornerstone can provide all installation and service of any project designed. This service ensures all design requirements are met for the project and all future service and warrantee work is covered by the same company that created the design – eliminating future issues created by separate contractors. In such instances where Cornerstone is awarded the contract for the installation, the client will be credited the cost of the design work billed for that project.

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