Stormwater Management Services:
Storm Water Compliance

  • SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) Development
  • Weekly and After-Rain inspections
  • Site and Program evaluations and audits
  • Weekly or as-needed BMP installation, maintenance, and repairs
  • Street Sweeping
  • Storm Water Consulting and Training
  • Seeding and Hydro seeding

Our Storm Water Compliance team handles your every need for NPDES concerns. We can handle any project from simple silt fence installations to complicated erosion repairs. Our team is home to several Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) as well as state-qualified trainers and inspectors. Our team is equally adept at handling any of the paperwork and permitting issues as it is at creating optimum on-site conditions.

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Wetlands Services:
Wetland or Upland Mitigation, Enhancement, and Restoration

  • Permitting assistance
  • Nuisance species removal
  • Project design
  • Clearing and Grading
  • Planting
  • On-going monitoring and maintenance

Our Wetlands team specializes in building and restoring natural areas.  From permitting, through design and implementation, our focus and vision creates areas which replace and enhance functional and aesthetically pleasing wetland and upland areas, meeting permit conditions.  We can also handle all of the pre and post construction communication with regulatory bodies including states, counties, water management districts, and the Army Corp of Engineers. 

Our on-site wetland was designed as a water-treatment area, reducing the load of fertilizers and pesticides from our agricultural activities while providing crucial habitat area.  Our wetland also serves as an educational tool for our company and area groups and as a sustainable harvesting nursery.

Seed & Mulch
Seed and mulch, hay mulch seeding or conventional seeding are all different names for the same process. Various blends of seed are incorporated into the soil. Fertilizer is then applied followed by the distribution of hay. The hay is then "crimped" into the soil making rows or hay fences. The hay assists in erosion control from both rain and wind.

Hay Mulch Seeding is best suited for large open areas. Slopes greater than 3:1 do not lend themselves to Hay Mulch Seeding because tractors typically do more damage to the slope than desirable. HYDROSEEDING is an excellent method of application in these conditions.

Hydro seeding
Hydro seeding provides the perfect solution to challenging seeding conditions. Spray-on slurry of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and bonding agents allows for a quick and thorough application to slopes or other hard to reach areas. Hydro seeding for erosion control also gives the added benefit of providing instant protection in the form of mulch and bonding agents, to create armor over the soil while the vegetation establishes.

Erosion Solutions
A thick stand of vegetation is one of the most natural and most effective erosion control methods available. Our seed is blended to be custom fit for any situation, whether seeding in summer or winter, in sand, clay, or anywhere in between. Conventional seeding gives a great result at a low cost, and hydro seeding is perfect for slopes or other challenging areas. NPDES compliance requires that you either temporarily or permanently stabilize any site which is not actively being built on. Our seed and mulch experts can keep your soil in place, your site in compliance, and your community looking great!

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